Hey everybody:
I am a junior doctor. There are many patients in the hospital I work in and sometimes it's not an easy task to remember everything. Plus the attending orders me to do many different things for many different patients. I write them down on paper but it gets hard to review them and I love to computerize them all.
I am going to purchase a tablet computer (maybe an iPad or an Android tablet I haven't decided yet) and enter everything there. Now problem is, I have no idea how to enter data efficiently! There is NO legal obligation because I ill never enter patients personal (No name, address or even hospital name/ward or bed number) info in any circumstances and it will be my personal draft book.
Is there any simple database tool (online is preferable but something that works in Mac OS, Windows, iPhone OS and Android is grea too.) that does the job? I mean I add some fields and make some relationships. For example I add a field for a patient ID and then some sub info about the lab tests, positive tests and so on.
I really appreciate your help.