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    Unanswered: Changes in Oracle45 application

    Hi Gurus,

    Please help me if you can!

    I have been asked to support an application which was developed in Forms 4.5. I have experience in Oracle database but Im almost zero in any front end development.

    As a first task I have been asked to remove a couple of field from one of the screen and then change the value of one of the field.
    I would be really thankful from the bottom of my heart if someone can give me guidance step-by-step.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Post Operating System (OS) name & version for DB server system.
    Post results of
    SELECT * from v$version
    or post Oracle version to 4 decimal places

    You might get more/better answers in forum below; specific to Oracle Forms
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    (Please, note that I didn't use Forms 4.5, so there might be some differences from what I say to what you see).

    Is there Forms 4.5 installation there? Do you know how to run Forms Builder?

    Assume you managed to make it work. Now open the form (probably the .FMB file (older, Forms 3.0 used the .INP files)).
    Press <F2> - it will open Layout Editor.

    What does "removing" fields mean? Delete them? If so, select them (with a mouse click) and press <Delete> key. Perhaps it means just to "hide" them (because, depending on whether form procedures use those fields, you'll have problems while compiling the form). If that's the case, select those fields anyway, but press <F4> which will open Property Palette for those fields. In there, you'll see "Physical" group of properties. Set "Visible" property to "No".

    What does "changing values of one field" mean? When should you do that? If it is an initial property, you'll see it in this field's Property Palette - just overtype previous value (or type a new one). Otherwise, you'll have to use one of the Forms' triggers (such as WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE or similar) and set the value in there, such as:
    :block_name.field_name := some_value;
    Try to follow these steps; do come back if something doesn't work as it should.
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    Changes in Form45

    Thanks Anacedent & Littlefoot!

    Here are some more details as you asked.

    Here are the details it is Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release running on UNIX.

    1 requirement - there is list of value on the form like:

    2 of the rows like 30 and 50 needs to be removed.

    2 requirement - value 40 needs to be replaced with 70.

    Please let me know if after making these changes I need to compile this form or all the forms. Also how to compile and deply this form back to application.

    Kindly help and suggest.

    Appriciate your help.


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