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    Unanswered: Multiple Courses/'Lifes' for a Student


    I'm quite new to databases with access - or any other system for that matter.

    I have created a small database for my educational business to manage students and their progress through courses.

    I have setup indexes so its not possible for someone to add multiple students. However I need the possibility to create multiple 'lifes' for a student. At the moment in my database a student can take only one course and have one set of all the tracking information that goes along with them and the course. I want to be able to have the student take additional courses with their own set of tracking information for each course.

    I can't understand how i can do this easily.I really do not want to have to this from scratch again. This 'multiple lifes' thing completely went straight past me in the design stages of my database.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Access 2007 by the way
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    You need to understand the fundementals of relational database structures (ie. 1 to many). You have 1 'main' table and a 2nd (relational) table which holds many information for the same main student. These 2 tables are linked by a common field such as a 'studentID' type field in the main table (ie. it must be unique in the main table) and a 'studentID' field in the relational table (which will repeat).

    ex: StudentID = 23 (main table) Student Name, address, other main info related to student.
    Relational table:
    StudentID = 23, DataCourse = Math, Data1 = something, Data2 = Something
    StudentID = 23, DataCourse = English, Data1 = something else, Data2 = Something else.
    And the 2 tables are linked in a 1 to many relationalship by StudentID between the 2 tables.

    This is key in any design so study hard on this subject. Try looking at examples on relational diagrams posted by others. There are some in the code bank as well as probably in your text book.
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    Thanks Alot PK Stormy. That really helped me! All fixed.

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