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    Unanswered: Search Forms & altering a masterpiece

    Hi guys,

    In looking around for some ideas and help for creating a search form i came across a masterpiece at Forms: Adding a Search form to a database

    I was wondering if anyone has used this form and edited it around somewhat so that the record can be edited on the search form screen.

    It's only a small in business database i would like to use some of the ideas for, so im not going to plagerise the whole thing, and credit where credit is given, but im a complete amateur and am tired of stumbling around in the dark.

    Any help or advice gratefully received!

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    Making your own search form isn't really that hard. I'm a beginner too and I was able to do it, so I'm sure you could too.

    First think about what fields you want to search. You can search by only one field, or you could search by more, or make it either/or. For example in mine, I wanted to the person to be able to search employees by first name, last name, employee number, or social security number, so that they could search by a minimum of one of those fields or by more at a time. So if they put in just "John" for the first name and left the other fields blank, they would get a result of all the employees with the first name John, but if they put "John" in the first name field and "Smith" in the last name field, all employees with the name John Smith would come up, etc. I made a blank form and added the fields and labels and a couple of buttons that I would need "search" "return to main menu" etc.

    Next, I made a query that used the fields in the form as the parameters, making sure to put them on different lines of the query so that the "or" thing would work.

    I made a button the form that would run the query when pressed.

    Voila. I could search from the form.

    After that, I made a form to display the search results by setting the "data source" in the properties of the fields in that form to the fields in the query I had made to search the employees. That one was a form that showed multiple records, since obviously sometimes there would be more than one result because I'm allowing them to search by just first name if they want, etc. I put a button that would allow them to open the record they selected on that form in my regular data entry form.
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    Well, I think i best stick to simpler things, because no matter what I do, I cannot get it to do what I want. It doesn't also help that i'm using access 2000 and all the help out-there seems to be for the latest versions! The form either wont search by client & date, or throws up an error when I search for date, or, my personal favourite, throws it up as a table instead of in the form. It's a ridiculously over-complicated database anyway, all because the company wont support a backend front end database in the network, so its all split horrendously as it is.

    Thanks anyway, but I think I'd be better off giving up! I can't get my head around any of it really, and I'm just about at the end of my tether.

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