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    Unanswered: Accidently deleted redo log files on production system - help

    I'm half cooked stupid DBA who has accidentaly deleted redo log files under one directory.

    DB Version: 7.3

    The redo log files are 2 members in each group. I deleted one member from each group accidently as they were under one directory.

    I was able to bring up the database and it is running alright. But I think this means that now we have have single point of failure. I want to clean this mess because if something happens or finds out, my credibility will get f--ked-up.

    I've tried to 'alter database add logfile member '/u01/.../redonna.log' to group n;
    but that fails because the member already exists in the database only the file is deleted.

    If I query v$log, it shows one set of members as INVALID and i think becuase the files are deleted.

    Please advice if there is a safe options.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Just create a new flat file with that name: /u01/.../redonna.log

    If OS is unix, logon as user who originally owned the file and just use 'touch' to create an empty file: touch /u01/.../redonna.log


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    Unfortunately, you will not be able to simply touch the file and have everything back to normal.

    What you should do is drop the logfile member and re-add it:

    SQL> alter database drop logfile member '/u01/.../redonna.log';
    SQL> alter database add logfile member '/u01/.../redonna.log' to group n;
    Prior to dropping the logfile member, you'll have to make sure the group is NOT the CURRENT group.

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    relax, nothing really bad has happened yet.

    I'd be worried much more about being responsible for a production environment on an Oracle version, that was desupported some 10 years ago

    Anyway, the cleanest (and formerly by Oracle supported) way is, to simply create 3 new redo groups.

    Then check for the current logfile (that's the one with STATUS='CURRENT' in v$log) with
    select * from v$log;
    If necessary, execute
    alter system switch logfile;
    until one of the new groups, you generated is "CURRENT"

    Then drop the old redolog groups.
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    Quote Originally Posted by magicwand View Post
    create 3 new redo groups.

    ... Then drop the old redolog groups.
    Going around the barn unnecessarily!

    Why on earth would the OP want to blow away ALL the redo logs to simply recreate the members ?

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    Thanks you all

    Thanks you all for your suggestions.
    I was able to create a new group and then switched log file.

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