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    Dear All,

    I have HRMS system. my company required to make a proccess of leave apporval and it should be configurable according to company policy.

    LIke company policy is that

    first Department Manager will approve
    if he approves. it will be forwarded to HR Manager for for Approval.

    but it should be configurable that if company changes the policy like only HR manager approval is required.

    so all this should be controled by database.

    can any one give the idea to do that..

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    I'd be shocked if you needed to add any code, this kind of configurability is build into nearly every ERP system at every level including the HRMS. Which system are you using? The odds are good that I already know which admin screens have the configuration you need, and if I don't I can find it for you pretty quickly.

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    No i am not interested in writing much of code.

    we are developing HRMS in house to integrate and full fill our other requirements.

    I am confused in designing database.. that how to maintain mentioned information.

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