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    Unanswered: How to avoid cusors

    I heard that when we use cursors in our application performance will be slow.
    So can any one help me what I want to use instead of cursors. What concept is
    there that can do as it is with cursor.

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    Use standard set based SQL. SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT.

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    As pootle flump wrote, to get good performance you should write code that manipulates sets instead of rows of data. Doing row processing in SQL is rarely necessary, and it performs very poorly compared to doing set processing.

    There are database systems such as DB2 and Oracle which have evolved from unit-record systems. They are highly optimized for dealing with individual rows of data, and their associated tools rely heavily on cursors (because the engine itself is optimized for dealing with the rows of data). Most SQL engines are optimized for set processing, so they are often handicapped when dealing with individual rows of data.

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