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    Academics Database design concept

    Dear all,

    I have a concern about a design concept for a database of students and their courses that they register for. My tables are like this:

    - courseID (PK)
    - name
    - parentID
    - courseCodeID (FK)

    - tokenID (PK)
    - name

    - detailID (PK)
    - courseID (FK)
    - tokenID (FK)
    - fees
    - academicYear
    - date
    - semester

    Examples are for AcademicTokens:
    exams, projects, courses

    I am grouping all possible academic tokens in one table so that if in the future anything new needs to be added, I can add it to this table. I want to know if this design is correct or should I just create tables for exams, projects and courses or any future tokens? Thanks

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    I would think that exams and projects would be dependent upon courses.

    My inclination would be to split these into separate tables. They don't appear to have much in common beyond a relationship to courses.

    And how can "courses" be both its own entity and also a token?
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    Thanks for the reply. I think like you pointed out that it is best separated into 2 tables. Yes, courses cannot be a token there, I just jotted some names in that table. Thanks for your suggestion and advice.

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