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    Unanswered: List Box Selection and Updating Form Fields

    I have a database that I'm working on for keeping track of temporary employee's which will keep track of (2) time values - Start Time and Stop Time along with the user information being retrieved from a Combo Box based on a query. I also have on the form (2) list boxes "Clock-in" & "Clock-out" which will be used by multiple users to track their time.

    I have (2) buttons on the form for the "Clock-in" & "Clock-out" and when the clock-in is selected, it places the user information and time in the first list box. I have it working now where when one user clicks his information in the first list box, it populates the information back to the form fields for the user to clock-out. It then places this information into the second list box with the total hours worked for that instance.

    However, the problems I'm having are these;

    If multiple users have "clocked-in" it will place the information into the list box. When the second user or later clicks into the list box, which I'll call "Incomplete" list box, the first initial user information shows up in the fields instead of the new or current user. It also adds the clock times to the first user that clocked in and not to the new user.

    To sumarize what I need to happen is this;

    Each clock-in/clock-out needs to be unique and when clicked from the "Incomplete" List box, populate the current information being clicked from the list box.

    Note; I'm familiar with using all versions of access, but I'm not a programmer. I can insert VB code in, but to write from scratch I can not do. So if anyone can point me in the right direction on this I would be very thankful. I've been trying to figure this one out for over a week now and would like to move past this point.

    I have an attached file with som dummy examples in it. Try it an see what I mean.

    Please Help,

    Thank you,
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    Question has been resolved!

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