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    Unanswered: Sybase :: How to start server created using sp_addserver

    i created server using sp_addserver SERVER_NAME
    i had not mentioned any port, or any other options.. now i see entry of server with class ASEnterprise but i donot see any interface file being updated.. now my problem is how to start the newly added server.. i donno port number so i cannot update interface file.. but i have to start server first

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    sp_addsever cannot be used to create a new ASEserver. It creates a link to another server so you can acces that server from within your priary server.
    Say you have a server MYASE01 running, with all the appropriate entries in your interfacefile, and another server MYASE02 on another machine.
    Add the info for MYASE02 to the interfacefile for MYASE01.
    In MYASE01 you can add a server MYASE02 using sp_addserver MYASE02, ASEnterprise, MYAS02. The second MYASE02 in this statements points to an entry in the interfacefile of MYASE01.

    If you want to create a whole new server, use the same process as you did when you created your other ASE-server.
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