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    Unanswered: Tie combo box to ClientID

    Hello again..

    How would I go about using a combo box to only show medications belonging to a single client.?
    I have a combo box right now that lists all meds belonging to all clients.
    Im sure it's easy but how do I tie these together?



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    You need a combobox with all patients names (I'm am old fashioned health care provider; I hate the term "client!") The concept is called "cascading comboboxes." If you search here or google using the term you'll get a gazillion hits! Here one tutorial on the subject:

    Cascading Combo/List Boxes - Microsoft Access / VBA insights
    Hope this helps!

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    Do I need cascading combo boxes?
    (is that where the results of one combo box is reliant on a choice made in another combo box)?

    I have the main Resident form which has a medication sub form.
    The combo box on the medication sub form should only show only those meds which the resident is taking.

    I confuse myself....


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