Good day,

I am wanting to create a SSRS report using the matrix, or if there is another way that is fine to basically something like this:

Emp 1 Emp2
Manager Attendance Graph for each Emp

So that in the end I get something like this:
John George

Iris Justin

Hanna Carl

With an attendance graph for each emplyee.

At the moment though what I end up with is the left hand column is correct but then the employees for the manager are spaced out far. For Ross it is fine but then for PEter Iris starts in a column after George and for Chantal Hanna starts in a coloumn after Justin.

So what I end up with is a matrix with the 3 manager as I wish but then the employees end up being 6 wide instead of 2 wide for each manager.

Can someone help me with this? I hope I explained ok?