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    What is the natural key for a forum/topic?

    For a forum and a topic, what are the natural keys for this? URL? (note that you can have subforums etc)

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    natural key would be the name (and possibly the date, since forums/topics can theoretically have the same name) | @rudydotca
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    In the NNTP protocol, it's the Message-ID. As far as I know all the other attributes of a post can be duplicated.

    "Since the message-id field is unique with each article, it may be used by a news reading program to skip duplicate displays of articles that have been posted more than once, or to more than one newsgroup."
    RFC 977: Network News Transfer Protocol

    If you are building your own forum then whatever you like. It would seem like a good idea in principle to hash the content of the message and use a hash as the key. I suppose it depends on what the desired behaviour is when a post is duplicated. Maybe you actually want to give users the freedom to post the same message twice with the same timestamp, etc.

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