I got problem with updating a record in oracle forms. I am trying to change one field in record. My database schema is next:

(user_id VARCHAR2(10) CONSTRAINT uzyt_user_id NOT NULL,
login VARCHAR2(10),
haslo VARCHAR2(10),
imie VARCHAR2(10),
nazwisko VARCHAR2(15),
su CHAR(3),
aktywne CHAR(3))

In block property pallete I have WHERE condition - user.id=:global.userid
I am trying to change field 'haslo', I added non-db-item text item - haslo2, where i put new value of haslo field. In new-block-instance trigger i have 'execute_query' an in on buton 'save changes' the trigger has

When I press the button it displays "Record has been already inserted'. I searched on google, but I didnt find solution. I already changed user_id - primary_key on No, in block palette - enforce primary key on No