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    Unanswered: how to flush the buffered old tnsnames.ora in a live process?

    I have a OCI daemon program which load Oracle client libraries to communicate with Oracle server.
    The daemon program is running, I add a new node entry in tnsnames.ora. But the new node can not be pickup immediately by the live daemon. The a error reports:
    "node is not found in the node directory".

    I have to restart my daemon program to read the new added node entry.

    It seems oracle client buffered old tnsnames.ora somewhere.

    The question is , is there anyway to flush the old tnsnames.ora and fresh the new one without restart the daemon?

    Thanks a lot for any comments!
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    tnsnames.ora is simply a regular OS text file; much like /etc/hosts

    >It seems oracle client buffered old tnsnames.ora somewhere.
    & Which oracle client would that be?

    Perhaps your code should open & read the whole tnsnames.ora every time it accesses it.
    This way it would always get the latest & correct information.
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