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    Red face Unanswered: Restoring DB problems

    When ever I attempt to restore my database form the external media (hard drive), I receive as error "Error 3241 Severity 16 State 1
    The media family on device '%ls' is incorrectly formed. SQL Server
    cannot process this media family." i read in some forum's that this indicates that the file is corrupted. Can anyone shed light on this problem for me and give me some possible soultions. thanks

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    Perhaps look in the tape vendor's documentation, and check in their logs for any error messages that may shed some light when the backups were being made.

    Also, [and I know this isn't any fun] maybe run a back up and restore to and from another media tape instance, and see how it goes.

    If the error is gone on another physical tape, then you know it isn't necessarily the sql server to tape interface for backup and restore, but maybe the tape cartridge itself.

    If the error remains using another tape, then maybe the backups were never good to begin with...

    Can you try restoring back from another tape instance (from the night before...) and see if that works?

    What kind of tape system are you using? Does this tape system have any log files for the night of the backup? Perhaps there is some recent tape logs that may hint at what may have gone wrong back when that backup was made?

    Good luck!

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