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    Unanswered: Permissions for Win Domain Group


    i've setup a 9.7 EXC on Windows Server 2008 R2. On a few tables i granted select permissions to a domain group. A domain user is able to connect to the database (connect auth is granted to public). The User is also member of the gprior mentioned domain group, but is not able to read the table (SQL0551N). No Permission.
    DB2_GRP_LOOKUP is not set. Also if i create the group locally on the server, the user still has no permissions.
    What do i miss? How do i have to grant a windows domain group to select data from the table?

    To exclude some things:
    - I've checked the spelling of the group. I granted the right group.
    - db2look shows the permissions, so there are select permissions for the group.


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    If there is an active directory setup in your organisation(LDAP), there are some parameters that needs to be set. Just jcheck manuals for enabling LDAP in db2.

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