hey hope somebody can help
we have mulitple clients, each client has there own unix solaris box and on each box each client has there own informix server.

i have a text server with one of the clients set up on it, what i would like to do is add another clients add to this server. basicaly client A has database A and now i want ti import client B and create a database B.

i have loaded the database onbar dump to the test box and i was trying

onbar -r metdbs1 hopeing to restore the database metdbs, on the server i have created the blobspace to add the database. but i get the following error

2010-06-11 17:53:40 29322 29320 /export/home/informix/informix9.40/bin/onbar_d -r metdbs1
2010-06-11 17:53:41 29322 29320 Storage space metdbs1 does not exist.
2010-06-11 17:53:41 29322 29320 There are no storage spaces/logical logs to backup/restore.
2010-06-11 17:53:41 29322 29320 /export/home/informix/informix9.40/bin/onbar_d complete, returning 147 (0x93)

anyone any ideas on this?

also i have tried dbexport, but as this is a live system i can not put it in single user mode and not sure if the images on the database would export corectly.