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    Unanswered: Sync MS SQL 2005 to MySQL DB?

    OK, I am a long time computer enthusiast, but I am very new to Databases. I have a MS SQL 2005 database which I need to sync with a MySQL database (for a website). I am willing to buy off-the-shelf software, but I don't know where to start really.

    My needs are small. I just need it to copy several rows (about 7) from 1 table in my MS SQL DB to one table in the MySQL DB. From there I need it to change some variables using (basic) conditional logic. IE If stock count is less than 10, mark as "0". or If price is less than $10, add 10% + $1. It all seems like childs play really.

    I found DBConvert which would sync the information but would not convert the variables in any way. Can anyone suggest a better software? It doesn't need to do anything more than what I'm asking here and it doesn't need to be free.

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    If you can live with something that is included with SQL 2005 and can do much more, create a SSIS package to do what you need.

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