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    Unanswered: MS-Dos Codepages on WinXP

    currently I am experiencing a strange behaviour of my Paradox 4.5 (Dos) Application.
    Paradox is using different codepages on different PCs. I checked the registry and on both PCs the same codepage is used. There is also no altering of cadepages via Batch or similar during the start of the application.
    So I wonder whether there are some more hidden config files somewhere or if there are any other possibilities where one can alter the codepage used for Paradox.
    I'd really appreciate some hints here.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I haven't even seen the word "codepage" used in many, many years.. my best guess is that, if it's coming from the registry now, you might have different access rights, one of the machines can't read it, and reverts to a built-in default.. but that's really just a guess..

    as usual, my suggestion is to go to Home - Paradox Community, where the long-time Paradox users still hang out.. there are several international groups there, but there are only a handful of PdoxDOS users left..
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    Though it did not help yet, thank you anyways

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