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    Unanswered: please tell me

    please tell me how to i make a sql query for
    selecting data's from a table where that data repeated 4 times in that column

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    how about a bit more info? Your question is rather vague. Try showing what data you have and what you would like to see as output.

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    i have a table named department and the columns are dep_id dep_name ...etc

    i want to select datas from field(coulmn) where which is repeated 4 times or more

    for eg: if department ids (dep_id) are mech,computer,civil

    and if in column dep_id mech data repeated 6 times
    and in column dep_id data computer repeated 2 times
    and in column dep_id data civil repeated 3 times

    i want a sql query to select data mech from the column dep_id (bcz the data mech repeated 6 times ie more than 4)

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    SELECT dep_id
       FROM t
       GROUP BY dep_id
       HAVING 4 <= Count(*);
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