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    Talking Unanswered: MDX Ideas needed. Por Favor.

    Cannot use the below code in MDX Query designer because it screams at me saying that I have different dimensionality on columns.
    I am assuming that I cannot use measures dimensions and dimensions together in query designer.

    So I created an OLE DB data source connection. But the issue with that is the column fields i specified gets clubbed together. Like I get
    Questionnaire.Questionnaire Question Order_1_Questionnaire.Question Code.CHILDREN. But I need individual fields to use in the report designer (tablix)

    Please give me some ideas to solve this with either through MDX query designer or through using OLE DB source. I will return the favor someday. Thanks.

    ([Questionnaire].[Questionnaire Question Order].CHILDREN) *
    ([Questionnaire].[Question Code].CHILDREN )*
    ([Questionnaire].[Question Code Suffix].CHILDREN) *
    ([Questionnaire].[Question Response Code].CHILDREN),
    [Measures].[Survey Count]
    )} ON COLUMNS,

    NON EMPTY { ([Demographic].[Gender].CHILDREN *
    [Customer].[First Name].CHILDREN *
    [Customer].[Last Name].CHILDREN *
    [Customer].[Last Name2].CHILDREN *
    [Customer].[Address1].CHILDREN *
    [Customer].[Address2].CHILDREN *
    [Customer].[Address3].CHILDREN *
    [Customer].[Address4].CHILDREN *
    [Customer].[Postal Code].CHILDREN *
    [Customer].[Phone Number1].CHILDREN *
    [Customer].[Phone Number2].CHILDREN *
    [Customer].[Phone Number3].CHILDREN *
    [Customer].[Email].CHILDREN *
    [Customer].[Language Code].CHILDREN *
    [Customer].[Iso Country Code].CHILDREN *
    [Transaction Date].[Date].CHILDREN *
    [Dealer].[Dealer Code].CHILDREN *
    [Vehicle].[Vin].CHILDREN *
    [Sample].[Registration Number].CHILDREN *
    [Receipt Date].[Date].CHILDREN *
    [Cati Start Time].[Time].CHILDREN *
    [Cati End Time].[Time].CHILDREN
    )} ON ROWS
    FROM ( SELECT ( { [Report Period].[Report Period Type].&[Month] } )
    ON COLUMNS FROM ( SELECT ( { [Report Period].[Report Period Name].&[Apr-10] } )
    FROM [PET CO]))
    WHERE [Questionnaire].[Questionnaire Type].&[Sales]

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    Yet to fix the broken Code. Ideas Please

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    I don;t know know the answer. There are probably a couple of people on here that might but you will have to be patient. MDX questions are very rare and so relevant experience is correspondingly so.

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    Red face

    Is there anyone?

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