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    Unanswered: Refresh LOV values

    Hi every body, Im new to oracle forms, so i am learning a bit..

    I have an issue with one thing.. I have created 1 LOV to show a list of
    streets.. But sometimes i need to enter a new street, when that happens
    the LOV doesn't refresh. So i have to shut the program and open it again
    to be able to refresh..

    Any idea how can i refresh the lov without stopping the program?.

    Thanks in advance..

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    If a LoV is based on a Record Group whose query selects values from the "streets" table, and if a user who entered a new street committed changes that have been made - your problems shouldn't exist.

    As it appears that you have an issue, perhaps you should explain what you did and how.

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    Thanks! problem solved!.. I didnt do the execute_query after going back to the block.


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