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    Unanswered: Multiple Occurences in a table

    My report needs to show occupancy in properties over the 52 weeks of a year. My fields will include location, week_no, tenant_name,
    co-habitant_name, and up to 6 names of dependents.
    But I do not want to have to define ( 52 times 8 ) fields in my table for all the occurences. So is there a way, in my table design, to accomodate this scenario ? I used to program in Cobol, and this was dead easy. But I cannot think how to do this in Access.

    Please also advise how to handle the table design being recommended
    in the actual report ?

    Many thanks

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    Off the top of my head I would have something like:
    property {property_id, address, landlord, ....}
    property_letting {property_id, start_date, end_date}
    property_letting_tenants {property_id, start_date, name, tenant_type}
    You work out the weeks from the start and end dates. Instead of 8 columns of tenants you instead have n rows of tenants and indicate the tenant type in the tenant column. This design is normalised and scalable. You would need some additional integrity checks to ensure there are no overlapping letting periods for a property.

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    Multiple Occurences in a table

    thanks PootleFlump : I'll experiment further with this.

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