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    Unanswered: database fragmentation

    I have a question about database fragmentation.

    I know that fragmentation can reduce performance in query times. The blocks are distributes
    in many extents and scans process takes a long time. Oracle engine have to locate the address
    of the next extent..

    I want to know if there is any system view in which you can check if your table or index
    has high fragmentation. If it's needed I will have to re-create, move or rebulid the table or index, but before I want to know if the degree of fragmentation is high.

    Any useful script or query to do this, any interesting oracle system view??

    Any advice will bre greatly apreciatted.

    Thanks in advance

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    Local Managed Tablespace do not fragment; so no problem exists to be solved.
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    ...and you never make ANY non oracle objects in SYSTEM *directory managed), so it doesn't fragment.
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    database fragmentation

    Thank you, for your help.
    You're right I have LMT objects in Oracle 9i, but I have others databases in olders version, like....Oracle 7.
    In Oracle 7 I think there is fragmentation.

    Do you know any script or query to check the level of fragmentation???

    Thanks in advance

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