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    Unanswered: crystal reports count function


    I am very new to crystal reports and I have what I think to be a very basic question that hopefully someone can answer. I need to get a count of a specific value "complete" within a group. I also need to get a count of another value within the same group "incomplete". I subsequently need to display the count of the two values as a numerator/denominator (complete/incomplete) in a separate group. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can accomplish this?

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    Hello there,
    I am not clear about your requirements, but as far as I can understands you need to select a column value based on another column value in that same row. like -
    select name from users where sex='m'
    to do this you can use formula like this
    if {} = 'm' then
    now drag the formula field to the details section to add the field to the report.

    I hope you get the hang of it. Btw you need to add both the filtering and filtered column in the report using db expert.

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