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    Unanswered: New DB for my job

    let me try to explain what I need to do.
    I need to create a DB for my Dispatch office, We are Contractor for a Cable CO.
    The information that will be recorded into a Main table is:
    Date: (Auto)
    TechName: (lookup TechTable)
    Job#: (Text)
    TimeFrame: (lookup TimeFrame table)
    JobStatus: (lookup Status Table)
    JobType: (lookup Type Table)
    Ontime: Yes/No
    RunTest: Yes/No

    Tables created: TechName Table, TimeFrame Table, Satus Table and JobType Table.
    The Main table will be named TechRoute.

    we have 20 techs, it will be painful to do this everyday but it will keep records of their performance. Later I'll need to create reports based on this information on TechRoute table.

    Every morning a dispatch will have to enter the basics only, for that I need a simple form:
    Date | TechName | Job# | TimeFrame | Status | JobType

    In the form all these field should be a COMBOBOX, except Job# (job# varies).
    a buttom to enter new record should be there too.

    So far all this I can do but here comes the best part.

    I need to sort records by TechName, lets say in a split form.
    for example with a combo box for the techname on the top of the form and in the lower part of the split form all the records for that tech only for the current date.
    If I roll my mouse wheel, technames should roll and their respectic jobs on the lower part of the split form.

    Hopefuly I explained my self well.

    Also I need a Report to show Tech name and JobStatus, for example OPEN only.

    Pls help me !

    Thank you!

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    It helps if you will ask a specific question.

    What is one thing you have a question about?
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