I am currently the Project Manager of an Upgrade to Peoplesoft HR modules v8.9. At the same time we are also replatforming from Unix to Windows and of course the data is on DB2 v8 on z/os.

My DBA has requested that I locate someone who is running Peoplesoft off DB2 z/OS preferably with a Windows VM Platform running Weblogic Webserver/appserver using DB2 Connect who has already managed to get this up, running, and tuned.

We do have it up and I suppose crawling would be the appropriate term. Current problems include termination of Peoplesoft delivered processes with insufficient commits causing long rollbacks. Any advice on settings/configurations that would lead to a safe DB2 environment (ie. we would like to stop impacting other applications on our region!) or on tuning/configuration of the peoplesoft environment in general would be appreciated. My DBA is starting to consider ending threads with excessive uncommitted writes, but Peoplesoft doesn't seem to give us much in the way of options about ensuring commit frequency - especially on the delivered conversion.

Sorry to be somewhat general about this, but my background is as an applications developer (not in the Peoplesoft environment!).