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    Unanswered: Regarding Checkbox

    I am having 2 fileds, both are checkbox i.e. can_flag, mon_flag (they are in multi line datablocks)
    i am looking for a solution where only checkbox should be checked at a time, if can_flag is checked then, mon_flag should not be allowed to check and vice-versa.

    so i have written in when_validate of mon_flag, if can_flag = 'y' then set_item_property update false and vice-versa, but whenever any of the checkbox in can_flag gets checked it doesn't allow mon_flag to be checked and vice-versa.

    Basically trigger is not firing line wise. if any one of the line item is checked it doesn't allow the other checkbox to be checked.

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    Wrong idea.

    Radio buttons are what you should be using, not checkboxes.

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