I have a database running on server A. I need to have my custom web
interface from which i partition/replicate part of the data to other server.
Server A there is table with records from 1 to 100k.
Create the same database on the other server, partition this table on other
server taking the records from 50k to 100k and replicate the all data from
the other t ables. Also all users, roles, indexes and so on on server B.

So my thoughts are to execute some how the dump script, then copy it to
server B, execute the create database and tables scripts, drop the indexes
on the partitioned table, (remove the records 1 to 50k from the dump file
or) execute the script and remove the records from 1 to 50k, add the


Copy the postgres data files(i don't know how they are organized in
postgres, but in mysql there are data nad index files) to the data file
directory on server B. I think this will immediately make the database
visible and working to postgres db server? And then remove the records from
1 to 50k.

If you have any other suggestions please share them