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    Unanswered: Learning DB2 backup/recovery

    I am new to DB2. I migrated a MySQL database to DB2 Express-C using IBM Migration Toolkit. Before using this database as a production database with my .NET application, I want to learn all the recovery options. Below are my queries:

    (1) I installed DB2 Express-C on Windows XP SP2. I wonder if the background service stops and I am not able to access the database using the system tray icon, how to access the database. Suppose I have no backup and I am forced to re-install DB2 Server, how to access my old databases?

    (2) What other backup/recovery options are available in DB2 Express-C? I want to learn entire backup/recovery options so as to apply them when my database is made a production database.

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    You may want to start here: Data recovery - IBM DB2 9.7 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

    You don't need "system tray" to access databases. All you need to do is the database manager (instance) running. You can always start it from the command line (db2start) or by just starting its Windows service.

    Suppose I have no backup and I am forced to re-install DB2 Server
    What's wrong with making a backup first?

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