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    Unanswered: SQL Server 2008 - Copy Database Bug, Looking for Resolution


    I'm trying to use the Copy Database task that SQL Server provides, and it is failing because it's trying to create the views before it creates the tables. When the view looks to verify the table exists, it is failing because it hasn't been created yet.

    I've seen this talked about in multiple places, but have not seen where anybody has posted a resolution...does anybody know if one exists?

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    do it in 2 steps? tables first then views?

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    Can you copy using the detach/reattach method which takes the source offline, copies the data and log files and re-attaches the source plus attaching a new instance of the database using the copies?

    Alternatively just use a backup/restore?

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    Thanks for the great suggestions!

    Scott - I looked and did not see an option to choose what to copy in terms of "just tables", views, etc. It appears to be all or nothing -- I'm doing this using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2008.

    Engada - I couldn't do the detach/attach method because I was trying to do it in the middle of a work day...but I ended up doing a backup/restore as you suggested, and that worked like a charm.

    Again, thanks to both of you for your suggestions!!

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