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    Unanswered: Can anyone help please?Somehow client account and all their bookings are lost from db

    Dear Friends,
    I am in desperate need to recover this lost data. For some unknown reasons, one of our customers account and all their bookings are lost from our database. I even searched for their bookings/records based on their job numbers which we had given them but those job numbers/autonumbers do not exisit.

    I am not sure what could have happend. Everyone in the office says they have not deleted anything from the database and I dont know what might have happened.

    Question: Lets say, if someone delets an a customer account from the ms access database, will their bookings/records will also be deleted or just their accounts? The reason I want to know this is whether someone actually deleted this but is not telling me. I am not under pressure from my Manager's side.

    Unfortunately, on this occassion we do not have a back up to recover the details.

    Any help would be grately appreciated.

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    If Cascade Deletes was selected in Referential Integrity, it is conceivable that deleting the customer would delete all their related activity. Otherwise, depending on the settings there it would either not allow the delete at all or just delete the account.

    I don't know of any way to recover the data without a backup.

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    OK first off
    when ever theres a mysterious data loss no one admits to it.
    if your datat is critical then you need to a) take backups, b) implement a better design which doens't alklow for cascade deletes (unless you need to), c) implement some form of audit trail so you jknow who did the dirty deed, when and on what computer (having gathered the evidence you can then have a necklace party to show your appreciation or use that as a basis for training your users.

    In the absence of a backup the data is gone, theres not you can do about it, except rekey the datat.

    generally its better to flag a record as no longer current than delete it
    if you don't, won't or can't trust your users then intercept the delete key by examining the key press events or in the before deleteconfirm event
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    I assume you have gone into the actual (raw) tables to check for them. I might flip (a copy of) the raw tables around a bit (sort on different fields, filter, etc) to ensure they are not there.

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