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    Unanswered: Rolling 12 Month Forecasts

    Hi There,

    I'm somewhat new to Access and would like advice regarding a form that has a detail section that always looks at the next 12 months.

    For example, I'd like my users to use my search form to adjust forecasts and have the results show this month (June) through twelve months (June of 2011 being the last visible field).

    Secondly... is it possible to have the previous month be hidden after maybe 5 days have passed? I.E. insert a trigger on the 5th of each month that hides the previous month and shows an additional month to give us the 12 month view.

    Thanks in advance!

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    but it all depends on your db design
    your skills and your willingness to dive into the darker side of Access.

    it means using unbound forms
    it means intercepting when a user wants to close the form and save any changes

    it can be done, but it isn't going to be easy or out of the box
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    Microsoft Access tips: Search criteria

    So maybe I'm not exactly "new" to Access. Right now I'm looking to have a table with effort forecasts. The above tutorial will give me the ability to create the filter string and allow my users to search for particular resources. I am looking to have this form display results with dynamic time, as detailed in my initial post, so that my users are able to continue making updates when I transition off the project.

    Does this clarify anything?

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