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    Unanswered: IBM Informix ODBC Driver

    I'm using the IBM Informix ODBC Driver 3.00.0000 3.00 TC3 (that’s from the About tab) to access data via ADO calls within a VB6 application. We are getting inconsistent data sets, which our assumption is a record locking issue. Below is my query. Does anyone know of a ODBC Driver that we can set the DIRTY READ Isolation level in the ODBC configuration? I think my set isolation call is being ignored. Thanks for any

    {SET ISOLATION LEVEL TO DIRTY READ} SELECT res.hotelnum, res.ghid, res.guestnum, res.datecreate, res.status, res.guesttype, res.arrivedate, res.expdepartdate, res.actdepartdate,
    res.groupcode, res.groupname, res.guestname, res.guesttitle, res.guestpostal, res.marketseg, res.source, res.vipcode, res.cancelnumber, res.canceldate, res.cxlpenalty,, resmisc.bookingsource, resrooms.roomnum, resrooms.roomrate, resrooms.accomcode, resrooms.ratesched, resrooms.adults, resrooms.children, resrooms.youths,
    resrooms.seq, resrooms.sharewithnum FROM res, resmisc, resrooms where ((res.actdepartdate > '06-06-2010') OR (res.actdepartdate is null)) and res.guestnum = resmisc.guestnum and
    res.hotelnum = resrooms.hotelnum and res.guestnum = resrooms.guestnum

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    What version is the server running and what version of client sdk are you using?

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    Hai, I am a new member just joined the community and want to gain knowledge
    about the above disscuisions from the others members. thank you

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    cool, the ideas just come pouring. I am learning each time I go to forums like this one. Keep it coming.

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