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    Question Unanswered: SQL Server 2000 Enterprize manager not resoponding


    i have SQL Server 2000 installed on Windows 2003 Server machine. once i expand the tree of instance nodes or specific db sub-nodes it's not responding. i tried out changing the option of auto close and auto shrink to off and installed SP4. this solve for some time but it get hanging again at last.

    one thing i noticed also, is when i installed SP4 and restart the severer i query the version in Query analyzer and got 8.00.194 meaning there is Sp installed at all !!

    any help please ?

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    It sounds like you're working with your "sand box" server. Based on behavior of your SSEM, the MMC is messed up. Have you tried to open it from your workstation?

    Settings that you described have 0 (zero) effect on the MMC, and should be left alone, since you're not sure what they do, and you didn't mention what database you tried them on.
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