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    Unanswered: Holiday Sickness DB

    Hi Guys

    New to this forum, its been a long time since i used Access, when i was back at college, and now my work is calling for me to use it again. I have been asked to monitor holiday and sickness in my department, and have found a good base DB from another website that was open source. However i need it to have a tweaks to fit the business needs. one is being able to have a custom report range, from Staff to Date Intervals, through to just date intervals for all staff. Second is the calander that displays the people who has time booked off, we only permit two people at a time, so the calander would need to highlight any days that have more than two people off as being red. As i never had any previous training in VB, which i presume this db is mainly written in, is anybody able to pass on advise to how i can acheive the above?

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    Since that database appears to be from here: Appointment - Event - Holiday Planner Database

    you should consider posting your question on that site.
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