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    Unanswered: Forms: How can I show multiple records?

    Microsoft Access tips: Search criteria

    I have a form that displays one record per page, and the # of pages = the # of records that meet the filter criteria.

    In the link above, the tutorial shows a form that has the results showing in data view when the rest of the form is shown in form view. Can anybody tell me how I can get my form to show multiple results like the example? I've attached a screenshot. When I select "datasheet view" the results display as desired but then I am without the header and footer - both of which I need.

    I heard that the form needs to be continuous and/or include a subform but I can't figure out how to make the form continuous.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Have you tried "continuous" view?
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    Yes, I selected "continuous forms" as the form's Default View and there remains only one record in the search results.. with a page navigation bar at the bottom that lets me see the other records (one per page).

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    Can you zip and post your app here? The screen grab is of limited use in this kind of thing.

    What I do see is that you've got your labels for the fields in the returned records within the detail section of the form, whereas the example has them in the header section. This makes the height of the records in the Continuous form such that you can display fewer records, and this, or this together with not having your form sized optimally, is causing only one record at a time to be visible.

    This as an explanation is kind of re-enforced by the excessively long, blank footer section, as seen in the screen grab.
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