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    Unanswered: Dynamic Query

    I am trying to access a field in a database labled uID1, uID2, uID3,... etc but the problem is the actual number changes every time. So depending on the circumstance I might need uID1 or uID5 or any other uID. I have a query that returns the number that I need, the 1 or 5 respectively given the above example, but I'm not sure how to take that number and get the field labled uID. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm also having this issue, I posted the question earlier today
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    If you can get the result of the query into a recordset you can then reference it and build a dynamic SQL statement with it.

    strSQL ="SELECT * FROM SomeWhere WHERE uID" & rst!Result & "=SomethingElse"

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    Tried Setting the Control Source?

    You can dynamically select your control sources and your record sources at startup. So, for example,

    Private Sub Form_Load()
    Dim myData As Integer
    myData = [Forms]![frmChoice].cboSpecific.ItemData([Forms]![frmChoice].cboSpecific.ListIndex)

    Me!mark1.ControlSource = "m" & myData
    ' this gives a field such as "m1" which is a distinct field in the database (marks, first week)
    Me!absence1.ControlSource = "a" & myData
    Me!lblWeek.Caption = "Week " & myData

    Select Case [Forms]![frmChoice]![FrmOrder].Value
    Case 1
    Me.RecordSource = "qryStudentsEng"

    Case 2
    Me.RecordSource = "qryStudentsCh"
    Case 3
    Me.RecordSource = "qryStudentsNo"
    Case 4
    Me.RecordSource = "qryByGroup"

    End Select

    End Sub


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