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    Help for a newbie?

    I'm new to not only the forums but databases in general. I have a small store that uses QuickSell2000 (old I know, but I love it). I want to find a way of putting little computers throughout the store (2 or 3) that have a bar code scanner attached. These would hopefully be able to link into the database all my products are stored in (UPC's as well) and be able to not only pull up my price on the product, but a small (external) webpage with the products description.

    I know this has to be possible and maybe even simple. But I admit I have no idea where to go for help and I thought that this might be a good first step. I have tons of hardware experience but not too much with the programing side of things.

    If anybody could help at least point me in the right direction I'd be eternally grateful!


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    Hey I'm new here. How's the forum going for you. I operated a small business and I use an SQL Database Software program to manage operations. Also, two other Access based databases - not to mention a MySQL database for my website data collection and management.

    I also outsource db work. How's the forum for you?

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