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    Question Unanswered: How Do I show hidden fields based on choice?

    Hi - I am new to this forum!

    It simple or at least it probably will be something simple that I just haven't figured out!

    Here then fields....
    Box Set?
    How Many Disk?

    What I want and trying to do is if Box Set is yes then the How Many Field will show, if not then it remains invisible by default.

    The Box Set field is a radio button field with Yes or No as the choices.
    The How Many Disk field is just a text field for you to enter the the number of disk if that is your choice.

    I've looked and can not find anything for it!

    Can someone explain how to do this to me step by step?????
    It FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced. I also am trying to figure this out in Open Office Database, but it been crashing with the new version.

    Thank You So Much!

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    What it going to take to get reply

    What will it take for someone to reply with a answer?
    I mean I see there been enough views already.

    This forum is for databases is it not?

    Well Thank You for your time!

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    Use conditional formatting. You can put a text box that covers the area you want hidden and when you want it hidden, set the color of the text box to be the same color as the background and it will cover up what is below it.

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