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    Unanswered: Converting a MS SQL db to MySql


    I have a couple of MS Sql databases that was previously accessed via ASP pages. The databases are now offline.

    Is it possible to take a peek into the databases? Is it also possible to convert the databases into MySql so that they can be used via a PHP site?

    I hope I am making myself understood.


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    Assuming that you have permission from the system administrator or other database owner, you can certainly access the data inside the database. Depending on a lot of factors related to the ASP page and database design, the amount of work needed to do this might be small or large.

    Conversion to MySQL depends on your ability to access the data at all. There are a lot of design choices in terms of getting data from your old site to a new one, and I'd need a lot more background to help someone with your experience to get the data moved.

    The odds are very high that the task can be done. I don't know enough about the problem to even guess how much work that it will be.

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    Assuming you have the permissions it should be easy enough to to get the data from SQL server to MySQL using soemthing like the MySQL migration tool (part of the GUI tools from MySQL)

    however you will not be able to copy across any of the stored procedures if they are in the SQL Server db.

    if all you want to do is look at the datat then you may not need to copy at all, as it should be available in any competent SQL browser such as Heidi
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    Thank you both for the the replies.

    I do have permission for the databases. I got someone to create them for one of my websites 8 years ago.

    I was hoping to use the data in a new site running in PHP. The databases are offline at the moment. I have them in my computer. I need to take a peek into them so that I can pass on the correct db to a programmer who will code it for the new site.

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