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    Unanswered: mail merge w/ text file


    I have a client that recently upgraded from Access 97 to Access 2007. The database that they used to use for mail merge no longer works. I converted it to Access 2007 (.accdb) but it is otherwise unchnaged. Specifically, the query that exports to the text file works, but when merging they get the message "The method or property is not available because the current mail merge document needs a data source." (The document does have a data source when I open it in Word 2007.)

    However, when I log in as an administrator and run the mail merge it works. The only odd thing is that it pops up 2 dialog boxes instead of the usual one that asks if I want to merge with mergedata.txt. The 2nd one has a random name,very long, with letters and numbers.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    check permissions, it may be the user needs specifric privleges to run the query, and the error message may be slightly dishonest claiming it can't find the datasource, as opposed to you don't have permissions for the data.

    alternatively specify the datasource as part of the wahtever that populates the mailmerge
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    Thanks for the quick reply. The query is running and exporting to the txt file, both for me as administrator and for the users. So, I checked permissions on the txt file...full control for everyone. So, it has to be 'datasource' related, i.e. something between Word and the txt file.

    I've been searching other sites for a solution and have read about an odc file in addition to the schema.ini that I already have. Do I need that?

    Thanks again.

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