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    Unanswered: Linking two table for calculations

    Hello I am a newbie

    I just started to create a MS access database to control stock movements for an external depot in the company, but I am coming accross a few problems, I need to find out a way to add and remove stock of different qty with different fields.

    I have a table Tbl_GoodsReceived (Consists of, Date, GRVno,) linked to this is a sub table with (GRVno, ProdCode, ProdDescrip, Qty) reason for this is there are multiple entries of products received on One Goods Received Voucher (GRVno).

    I then have a table Tbl_GoodsDispatch (Consists of Date, Invoice,) linked to a Sub table with (Invoice, ProdCode, ProdDescrip, Qty).

    Now this is where I am lost as I really dont know how to link the two table to have the Tbl_GoodsDispatch to be minused from Tbl_GoodsReceived?

    So I can get running totals and create reports for Goods in Storage.

    Am I going about this the right way?

    If anyone could give me some advice this would be great.

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