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    Unanswered: DB2 Jobs Managed from Tivoli

    DB2 V9.5 - RHEL 5.2

    We have the following jobs on the database server.

    1- Database backups
    2- Database Loads (from /home/some_user/database_name/ directory)
    3- Data Extracts from database(s) (to /home/some_ftpuserid/database_name/ directory)
    4 - FTP the extracts created in 3 to an FTP server.

    We want to manage/run these jobs from a Tivoli scheduler system. Tivoli piece is run/managed by our operations group and not the DBA group. What would be the best setup for these ?

    1- Allow them run the jobs from the Tivoli by using the db2inst1 instance account
    2- Allow them to use the root account with a command like "su - db2inst1 "-c /home/db2inst1/script_directory/"
    3- Create an account and put this account into groups, grant permissions to directories e.t.c that will allow the account to perform the necessary tasks (Keep in mind that the processes change on the servers often).
    4- Another way ?

    I have no experience with Tivoli and have no idea what Tivoli is capable of or it's limitations.

    Any suggestions welcome..............Thanks.


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    how about reading the doc at
    Help -
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