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    Question Unanswered: Record source is a query that does work but the form is not displaying any records???

    I have query that looks up data from 3 linked tables, one parent with two child. The query works fine, pulls up exactly what I want.

    I have made a form to display all this data, its meant to be a one record per page with navigation buttons to go through all records.

    The problem is that this form is only displaying an add new record page (and it will allow you to enter a new record) and I can't work out why its not also pulling up results from the query??!

    Not sure if I'm being dense with this one, but surely you can have a form that will go through all the results of a query and allow you to enter new records too? hmm...

    Hope somebody can see the light! I'll be on here all day (omitting lunch) if you need further info

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    1) In DATA ENTRY properties (in form) put NO.
    2) I doubt that you'll be able to add a new record,
    because your form is linked on the query which
    is linked on 3 tables.
    I suggest to make a MainForm and 2 subforms (on the tables).
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    Wow, great that works now. I knew it would be something simple.

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