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    Unanswered: query multiple table, but missing in answer.db


    i have a problem querying my tables named upc, ginv#, finv#,..

    all of the tables have a linkable upc field, but the problems comes up what upc.dcb is missing values in ginv#, and finv# and vise versa.

    Instead of having all data from ginv# it only shows maybe x number of data when linked

    first table
    | check|CHECK >=~DATE1, <=~DATE2 |CHECK|CHECK|check|check _mm|


    if upc does not have the value in upc field, the data would not show up.

    is there a fix for this where all value in ginv# will be in my answer.db even though value of upc field is not present


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    you are asking for an "outer join" query.. assuming one table has all of the values, in a two-table join, it's simple.. next to the example element of the link in that table, add the exclamation point.. so try that as a test, first..

    if you need to complicate it with more tables for that link and/or no single table has all of the values, there are several ways to approach this.. an example of three-table links:

    table A | _link-one !, _link-two ! |

    table B | _link-one |

    table C | _link-two |
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