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    Unanswered: Payroll - access help needed


    we are in the process of creating paypackage under access

    I want a query which will automatically fills up the value in the remaining columns once the value in CTC is filled

    In the master employee file we will provide employee no and CTC , based upon the CTC amount the Payroll master has to get generated with the following conditions

    Basic - 40%
    Medical -1250
    Emp Esi=1.75%
    Employer ESI=4.75
    PF emp=12%
    Pf employer=12%

    this calculation has to made and created as Payroll master file based on the CTC value from the employee master, my request his

    When the CTC value is more than Rs 1,80000 then there should not be no deduction towards ESI from the employee and if the ESI limit is within 180000 there should be ESI deduction for both employee and employer and the
    CTC value (in the employee master) and breakup value in the (payroll master) should match

    kindly help

    R sudhakar

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    don't do payroll in Access
    there are lots of professionally produced packages out there that do payroll, some of them amazingly cheaply

    its not worth it rolling your own,
    not lest the legal consequences of screwing something up like tax or other legal obligations
    not lest the personel consequences of screwing something up like deductions, over/unerpayments and so on
    I'd rather be riding on the Tiger 800 or the Norton

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