Hi all,

Could you please guide me on below query.

I am having a DB server "xyz.al.sw.dbserver.se" (solaris 8) on which
there are 2 DB instances configured like XYZ_1_SDS, XYZ_SDL_SDS (Both
the DB Instances are Sybase 12.5.2). Both use CPU based Sybase

Now, I am having a requirement that, given a new DB server
"abc.ss.sw.dbserver.se" (Solaris 10), I need to configure above DB
instances on this new DB server with DB Instances upgraded to 15.0.2.
i.e new DB instances configured should be replica of above DB
instances and also upgraded to 15.0.2 instead of 12.5.2. CPU based
licence mechanism should be used here.

Could you please guide me on this requirement. Any sort of help is