Hi All,

I am a new member of this forum. I m a student of a university who follows an MSc. I need to prepare an assignment on the subject of database. I received the question from the university but unfortunately I cannot exactly figure out the question. The question is given below.

Select a Company of your choice (Apparel, Construction, Banking, Insurance, Electronics and computer, Healthcare, Hotel/restaurants, Education, Real Estate, Telecommunication, Pharmaceuticals.)

a) Carry out a comprehensive database analysis and proposed a suitable data storage mechanism to overcome the current draw backs.

b) Critically examine how the company can use the proposed mechanism in part (a) to overcome the drawbacks.

The organization that I m planning to select is a telecommunication company who fully uses relational data base systems.
What do they mean by data storage mechanism ? is it something related to data warehouse, distributed database? Object oriented database approach ? or any other thing ?

Can someone help me to do this assignment by giving some ideas pls .